Church Ministry Contact Phone Meeting Date/Time Location Notes
Faith Formation Mary Anne Kennedy 978-368-0052 Saturday-Tuesday times vary each day & evening Parish Center September to May
Girl Scout Leaders Mtg Ginger Gordon 978-365-2825 2nd Tuesday 6:30-8:30pm Parish Center October to May
Good Shepherd Sue Nohrden 978-365-2359 Tuesday 10am-3pm Parish Center September to May
Hibernians of Our Lady of Knock Elaine Patterson 978-365-7160 2nd Thursday 7-8:30pm Rm 14/15 September-June
Knights of Columbus Tom Forhan 978-365-3288 1st Monday 7-8:30pm Rm 12 all year
Lectors Rebecca Cronin 978-733-1771 Saturday-Sunday Mass times vary Sacristy all year
Prayer Shawl Claire Lent 978-368-8696 last Monday 6:30-8pm Rm 12 all year
Quilters Patty Shoemaker 978-368-0366 1st Wednesday 6:30-8pm Rm 13 all year
RCIA Fr. Nally 978-368-0366 x208 Sunday 5:30pm Rectory October to (Easter)
Schola Choir Marc DeMille 978-368-0366 x213 Wednesday 7-8:30pm Choir loft all year